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Hospital: Cleveland Clinic Florida
Job Code: 000640
Pay Grade: 04
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Nights + Call
Hours: 11:00pm-7:30am
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The position of the transporter/ aide within the Department of Surgical Services is based on the philosophy of Peri-Operative care developed by AORN. The transporter/ aide specializing in the Peri-Operative setting performs activities under the direction of the Peri-Operative Nurse to assist with care of the surgical patient. These activities are based on theory, use of proper body mechanics utilizing creative application of knowledge, skills, and interpersonal competencies. The ultimate goal of the transporter/ aide is assistance in the provision of quality individualized Patient Care. The role of the transporter/ aide varies and may include, but is not limited to, peer education, maintenance of a safe and clean OR environment, support and reassurance, advocacy, efficient provision of resources, maintenance of supply inventory, environmental equipment monitoring, patient transport, and integration and coordination of care across settings and disciplines.


A. Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

High School Graduate or equivalent; current BLS certification required.

B. Required Length and Type of Experience

Minimum one year experience in an acute care hospital setting preferred. Strong follow-through and understanding of the principle of universal precautions

C. Required Licensure, Certification or Registry

Current BLS Certification required.


1. Identifies in a professional manner, the surgical patient by checking ID Band and asking the Patient to state name prior to transport. Notifies Nursing staff of arrival. Reports immediately any significant changes in patient condition.

2. Provides safe patient transfer with side rails in up position. Utilizes two-man transfer technique. Assures patient is warm and provides safe environment upon entry to OR Department.

3. Provides nursing staff with patient chart and assist in OR record preparation.

4. Maintains active communication with Surgical Control Desk regarding any encountered patient delays.

5. Safely assists in lifting, moving and positioning of the surgical patient while following correct body mechanics protocols.

6. Assist the RN during surgical positioning, modes of anesthesia and surgical site prep.

7. Performs daily cleaning duties following policy and procedure, universal precautions. Maintains strong hand washing technique between patient contacts and room cleaning.

8. Assists in terminal cleaning protocol of OR suites when directed.

9. Assures surgical equipment is moved to proper location after cleaning and surgical bed is replaced to LOCKED position.

10. Decontaminates equipment, stretchers and beds following use and prepares post op beds and stretchers in a timely manner

11. Keeps sub-sterile rooms and scrub sink areas free of water/soap spills.

12. Maintains sufficient inventory of cleaning supplies, masks, and scrub supplies for all designated areas with Department.

13. Follows recommended standard of utilizing one mop head per procedure to eliminate cross contamination.

14. Restocks irrigation and blankets daily to appropriate locations.

15. Validates environmental supply inventory for needed rotation to verify any expired product line.

16. Validates specimens in logbook prior to transport to pathology. Initials book with time.

17. Monitors and records temperature of OR suites/warming cabinets according to policy and procedure.

18. Assures that all biohazard material is handled and disposed of properly utilizing universal precautions.

19. Communicates effectively with the Surgical Control Desk to note schedule progression in the OR Suite.

20. Remains accountable at all times to Surgical Control Desk.

21. Directs and delegates activity of team members to ensure proper room utilization through decreased turnover time. Provides support at all levels to reduce OR room turnover.

Category: Service Support/Entry Level

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