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Cleveland Clinic



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Health Care-Cleveland Clinic
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Service Express Representative I Job


CCHS Employees Only
Reference Title
HR Use Only: Service Express Representative I
Hospital: Cleveland Clinic Main Campus & Family Health Centers
Department: OSS Administration
Job Code: B99975
Pay Grade: 06
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Evenings and Weekend May Be Required
Hours: 3pm - 11:30pm
Job Details:

Summary: Under the general direction of the Department Director, performs the following functions: communicates and dispatches a wide variety of customer service requests; coordinates clinic wide resources to meet individual caller needs; provides individualized customer service to all callers; assists with development, improvement and evaluation of department procedures related to customer service and quality improvement.

Job Responsibilities: Knows the services and products offered by the Cleveland Clinic. Helps the Customer. Performs Value Added Services. Makes decisions with customers in mind. Anticipates customers needs and be flexible in responding to them. Communicates in a warm and courteous manner. Projects a profession appearance. When problems occur, takes appropriate steps to resolve the problem to the customer’s satisfaction. Answers and processes telephone calls in a polite and courteous manner when dealing with all customers of the Service Express. Deciphers information for data input. Demonstrates ability to respond appropriately (calmly and efficiently) to internal and external disaster drills. Prioritizes calls and maximizes utilization of available personnel according to urgency of work requested. Assists all customers, even if the service requested is not the direct responsibility of the support services dispatched by the Service Express Center. The Service Express Center Representative will find out the information and make sure that the requestor does not have to make an additional phone call. Receiving and triaging calls in high call volume environment according to an Automated Call Distribution system within the call center. Service eXPress Representative must be able to answer all calls within 10 seconds. Ensure “call talk time”, call abandonment, and total call answered meets or exceeds departmental Service Level goals. Service eXPress Representative must be able to start and exit all applications with proficiency. The ability to search for files on various shared network drives, copy or move files to different folders, and create a new folder/directory. Microsoft Excel - the ability to switch between applications without exiting, select cells and ranges for printing, copying, and formatting. Create graphs from a data series in Excel. Microsoft Power Point - Users must be able to create and use templates for a new project and add objects and text to projects. Service eXPress Representative must be able to receive transport request via the phone or fax and correctly enter the transport request in the Web based Transport XT application. Service eXPress Representative must be able to monitor/edit transport requests (modify origin/destination location, cancel, delay, modify patient information) requests through Interactive Voice Response system or Remote Date Entry. Service eXPress Representative must be able to enter request through IVR or RDE; able to upgrade job priority through IVR. Service eXPress Representative must be able to communicate to the customer status updates on requests in a professional manner. Able to take appropriate, complete and detailed information over the phone and input information into the Service Tracking Application and through Interactive Voice Response to enable dispatching of staff to appropriate location, with appropriate equipment to remedy the work order request. This “triaging work order requests” applies for Environmental Services, Linen Distribution, Central Services, Engineering, Food and Nutrition, Biomed, and additional support services department. Triage the appropriate skilled employee by service. (Example: Engineering requests may require services for an Electrician, HVAC, Plumber, Carpenter, or general Mechanic.) Service eXPress Representative must be able to generate reports (Volume/Completion Analysis/Response/Top 30 Requests Reports) in Service Tracking Reports module and export into Excel. Service eXPress Representative must be able to communicate to the customer status updates on requests in a professional manner. Service eXPress Representative must be able to start and exit from the application, choose appropriate bed based on patient acuity information, search for and determine status of requests, and run appropriate reports from the application and export into Excel. Monitor Bed management system and identify the dirty, dirty next, and stat bed request has exceeded the Environmental Services department goals for response/cleaning limits and notify the appropriate ESD Supervisor/Manager. The Service Express Representative must be able to communicate to the Nursing Unit delays/cannot clean instances in a professional manner.. Other duties as assigned.

Education: Strong interpersonal skills, verbal and written communication skills at a level which enables response to patients, outside agencies, administration and physicians through verbal or written correspondence. Significant attention to detail. Knowledge of personal computers sufficient to input/extract data via computer; and, the ability to format and generate reports. Strong problem-solving skills required to coordinate multiple resources and requests. Ability to comprehend volumes of information necessary to perform job functions. Knowledge of medical terminology preferred. ability to multi-task and good organizational skills a must.

Experience: High school diploma or aged; healthcare experience perferred. At least 3 years prior customer service, front desk or call center experience in a high volume area required.

Licensure/Certification/Registration: None

Physical Requirements: Typical physical demands include a high degree of dexterity to produce material on a PC; normal or corrected vision, normal or corrected hearing, extensive periods of sitting, occasional lifting or carrying of 5 to 15 pounds.

Category: Managerial/Professional/Physician

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