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Component Repair Technologies


Mentor, OH

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Quality Control
Skilled Machinist
Skilled Trades
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Education Level

High School or Equivalent

Experience Level

2+ to 5 years

Contact Info
Wendy Sabin, H/R Assistant.
Phone: 440-255-1793
Fax: 440-255-4162

Job Title

CNC/Machinist Programmer

Responsible to plan, program, set-up, and operate computer controlled machines for the machining of turbine engine components..

1. Program and operate computer controlled machines for the machining of turbine engine components.
2. Follow written and verbal work instructions accurately. Properly interpret work instructions such as routings, process sheets, operation sketches, and process procedures. Clearly understand all instructions prior to proceeding with work. Communicate frequently with other employees regarding work instructions.
3. Inspect work for completion and quality..
4. Participate in problem-solving and continuous improvement efforts. This position requires communication with engineers, training coordinator, and other machinists to improve skill sets..
5. Be flexible to meet or exceed productivity and competency requirements.
6. Move heavy parts (>100 pounds) using cranes, slings, carts, and other handling devices. Move less heavy parts (<50 pounds) with or without cranes, slings, carts and other handling devices. Follow parts handling requirements.
7. Work in difficult positions. Stand and/or sit for extended hours.
8. Communicate effectively with co-workers and supervisors to identify ways to meet scheduled work loads and quality requirements.

The following duties, responsibilities and skill sets are required in addition to those described in the P05 job description:

1. Responsible to plan and program for the most efficient and consistent performance of the machine tool.
2. Responsible to evaluate Operation Sketches, Process Sheets, and engineering drawings to determine part dimensions and tool path configurations.
3. Responsible to locate position of components on machining fixtures, machine start position based on tool set point and cutter change points for three-dimensional coordinates.
4. Work from engineering drawings to plan, number, locate and direct the tool path.
5. Catalog and control program back-up procedure with the quality department.
6. Develop and control new product programming procedures.  For program development, this involves test running a first piece and first piece inspection thru program revisions.
7. Responsible to incorporate all tooling and gaging necessary to complete projects.
8. Complete all paperwork necessary to meet quality and manufacturing requirements.
9. Responsible to assist maintenance in the planning and coordination of preventative maintenance schedules for our CNC equipment.
10. Evaluate tooling requirements and calculate appropriate speeds and feeds for materials.
11. Comply with and incorporate all safety procedures needed to ensure the safety of the operators...

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