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RN Telemetry CCFSR Job

RN Telemetry CCFSR

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Hospital: Cleveland Clinic Florida
Job Code: 000187
Pay Grade: 16
Schedule: PRN
Shift: Days
Hours: 7a-7p
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Provides direct patient care based upon nursing assessment to patients who have a variety of medical and/or surgical conditions, following established standards, department guidelines and hospital policies and procedures. Is responsible or using the nursing process, patient advocacy, maintenance of aseptic technique, medication administration, documentation of treatments and care, management of equipment, patient safety and monitoring of vital signs. Coordinates care with other disciplines related to patient education and care goals for discharge and optimal health status. Position requires critical thinking skills, decisive judgment and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Must be able to work in a high paced, stressful environment and take appropriate action.

Position requires that nurse will work out of a Per Diem Staffing Pool and be assigned to work based upon the staffing need in the hospital. These areas include inpatient units, overflow areas and Clinical Decision Unit.

A. Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Minimum: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing; BSN preferred.

B. Required Length and Type of Experience

For RN Specialty – Telemetry: Minimum 2 years of acute care experience in areas utilizing telemetry monitoring such as: cardiac, step-down, medical / surgical telemetryunits.

For RN Specialty – Critical Care/ED: At least 2 years of acute care experience in the relevant specialty area (ICU, Emergency Room)required.

C. Required Licensure, Certification or Registry

Registered Nurse - licensed in the State of Florida. ACLS and BLS provider cards required. PALS certification for those working in the Emergency Room.


1. Care Planning: Involves patient/family in the development of care plan. Updates care plan daily.

2. Care Planning: Collaborates with members of multidisciplinary team regarding each patient's care.

3. Implementing Care: Proficiently prioritizes and performs direct care to patients according to policy.

4. Implementing Care: Explains and documents procedures and interventions.

5. Implementing Care: Identifies and performs appropriately in emergent situations.

6. Implementing Care: Assists multidisciplinary team with all processes related to patient care.

7. Implementing Care: Delegates responsibilities to staff based on patient needs and staff competencies.

8. Implementing Care: Utilizes and documents patient safety restraints per hospital policy.

9. Implementing Care: Demonstrates the ability to insert and manage the care for all IV's, both peripheral and central access, per hospital policy.

10. Medication Administration: Accurately documents medications on medication administration record (MAR).

11. Medication Administration: Monitors patient's response to medications; documents and reports appropriately.

12. Medication Administration: Reports medication errors and adverse reactions per hospital policy.

13. Medication Administration: Demonstrates knowledge concerning medications, including side effects; educates patients on their medications and their side effects.

14. Medication Administration: Safely administers blood and blood products per hospital policy.

15. Medication Administration: Verifies patient ID per hospital policy.

16. Medication Administration: Performs all pyxis monitoring and counts per hospital policy. Ensures medications are wasted and documented as appropriate.

17. Patient Education: Assesses patient/family educational readiness and barriers.

18. Patient Education: Develops plan based on educational assessment.

19. Patient Education: Documents educational assessment, plan, intervention and outcome.

20. Leadership Skills: Makes decisions using critical thinking based on data; rounds on patients with physician and other members of the healthcare team as appropriate.

21. Leadership Skills: Collaborates in the assignment of patients to staff based on acuity and competency of staff.

22. Leadership Skills: Effectively functions as charge nurse on unit.

23. Participates in coordination/delivery of approved Facility events.

PROCESS THINKING/PROBLEM SOLVING: (Problem-Solving, Negotiating Issues, Developing Alternatives)

24. Collaborates positively with others to seek solutions to complex issues; is sensitive to the operations and feelings of others.

25. Focuses on the potential positive outcomes when exploring the issues.

26. Remains objective to the view and conflicts of others.

27. Focuses on the issues/concerns and not the person.

28. Builds common ground for points of agreement/disagreement.

29. Engages in mutual problem solving by brainstorming alternative positions, solutions and approaches.

LEADING THROUGH VISION AND VALUES: (Building Trust, Gaining Commitment, Ethical Standards, Following Through, Monitoring Information)

30. Operates with integrity; demonstrates honesty, keeps commitments, behaves consistently.

31. Discloses own position: discloses thoughts and rationales in order to achieve understanding.

32. Remains open to ideas; listens to others and objectively considers other's ideas and opinions.

33. Support others; treats people with dignity, respect and fairness; displays sensitivity to patients and their need for privacy.

MANAGING THE PEOPLE: (Building Successful Teams; Aligning Resources; Developing Others; Coaching)

34. Develops direction. Ensures that the purpose and importance of the team are clarified; clarifies roles and responsibilities.

35. Facilitates goal accomplishment; makes procedural or process suggestions; provides necessary resources and removes obstacles.

36. Sets performance goals; collaboratively works with direct reports to set meaningful objectives; implements system to track performance against goals; holds regular formal discussions to discuss progress toward goals and review performance.

37. Clarifies current situation; carries expected behaviors and level of proficiency; provides feedback and reinforcement; gives timely, appropriate feedback on performance; reinforces efforts and progress.

38. Explains and models: provides instruction, positive models and opportunities to develop skills and understanding.

SYSTEMS IMPROVEMENT: (PI Acumen, Initiative, Innovation)

39. Identifies monitoring and improvement needs; determines what systems, processes or areas need to be monitored or improved.

40. Assists in collection of meaning data to capture the processes.

41. Analyzes data for root cause analysis utilizing standard PI tools.

42. Assists with the implementation of new performance plans.

43. Collects and reviews data to determine progress.

44. Complies with safety standards and reports safety issues as appropriate.

45. Completed Annual Specific Specialty Competencies.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE: (Attitude, Communication, Commitment to Co-Workers, Privacy, Waiting, Elevator Etiquette, Safety Awareness, Ownership)

46. Adheres to all Customer Service Standards of Excellence as identified in the statement.

47. Plans and implements service level initiatives specific to PSMS scores.

Category: RN/LPN Inpatient Hospital

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