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Administrator Transplant, CCHS Employees Only Job

Administrator Transplant

CCHS Employees Only
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HR Use Only:
Hospital: Cleveland Clinic Florida
Department: Transplant Center
Job Code: 000856
Pay Grade: 25
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Days
Hours: 8am - 5pm
Job Details:


Under the supervision of the Medical Director, develops a philosophy of transplantation to enhance existing transplant programs and through research and education, plans and directs future programs to comply with the national Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN).


A. Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Master’s Degree in Health or Business Administration. Detailed knowledge of UNOS and FSOTC policies and program standards related to transplantation and organ allocation.

B. Required Length and Type of Experience

Minimum five years management experience in a medical environment with demonstrated ability in Research Grant Preparation/Administration, Personnel Management, Budget Development/Financial Forecasting, and Data Management including three years of marketing and program development in the field of transplantation.

C. Required Licensure, Certification or Registry



1. Coordinates and directs the administrative and transplant activities of all programs for CCF. Collaborates with the Medical Director of the heart, kidney and liver programs to facilitate identification and resolution of issues pertaining to transplantation.

2. Guides and directs the development of a philosophy, and goals and objectives regarding transplantation and organ and tissue donation within the CCHS. Identifies, plans, implements and coordinates transplant related programs to facilitate quality care and foster CCHS support.

3. Monitors federal and state legislature and initiatives and evaluates existing policies and assures compliance with United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), HCFA, the Florida Solid Organ Transplant Consortium (FSOTC), and third party agencies. Provides information to the appropriate transplant

programs from governing agencies and oversees the flow of data from all transplant services to appropriate regulating agencies outside of CCHS. Provides input on new policies, impact of changing policies and develops new CCF policies to maintain compliance.

4. Maintains communication with, and develops strategies to optimize managed care and “center of excellence” contracts with payors. Reviews and approves pricing methodologies for managed care. Is the liaison with the Division of Health Affairs for all third party payor site visits and survey responses for each transplant program.

5. Assists in the development and implementation of marketing plans for the Transplant Unit.

6. Develops and manages a centralized CCF database for transplant data common to all programs, i.e., demographics of patients, demographics of referral community, costs/transplant, costs/readmission, length of stay, criteria for transplant.

7. Evaluates all financial data both prospectively and retrospectively to insure that transplant services are delivered in a cost efficient, quality manner to ensure that CCF is appropriately reimbursed. Plans, directs and manages the Transplant Unit operating and capital equipment budgets. Analyzes reimbursement levels and makes ongoing modifications to improve reimbursements.

8. Manages space, manpower and equipment requirements for all transplant activities. Assists in the planning and design of new facilities and/or renovations to accommodate new Transplant Unit programs.

9. In collaboration with the Medical Director of the transplant program, develops a short and long range strategic plan. Continuously analyzes Transplant Unit performance in terms of patient activity, services, etc., and presents to the Medical Director of the transplant program.

10. Conducts and promotes clinical research related to transplantation. Provides consultation to staff in grant development and administration. Investigates sources of funding for interdisciplinary clinical research studies.

11. Acts as a liaison and serves on Boards and Committees with institutions and agencies nationwide pertaining to transplant activities. Develops affiliations and agreements with outside agencies. Represents Cleveland Clinic Florida at appropriate regional and national meetings.

12. Develops and implements plans for patient education, including development of patient guides and special education programs. Works with Program Director to plan and implement CME programs.

13. Performs other duties as assigned.


All employees are expected to meet the standards of performance outlined in the Organizational-Wide Competencies listed below as applied to the position:

Customer Service Orientation: Includes attitude, behavior, interpersonal skill, and problem solving that enable an employee to respond to internal and external customer needs and expectations in a positive manner.

Adaptability: Includes teamwork and flexibility needed to fulfill job responsibilities including adapting to changes in work environment and accepting supervisory feedback.

Efficiency and Effectiveness: Includes quantity and quality of desired work, as well as organization skills necessary to perform successfully.

Essential Job Requirements: Includes adherence to all relevant policies, procedures, and guidelines affecting the work environment, including maintenance of required competencies and communication skills.

Managerial Responsibilities: Includes overall accountability for assigned work group relative to operational goals, personnel requirements, and budgetary constraints.

NOTE: The above stated duties are intended to outline those functions typically performed by individuals assigned to this classification. This description of duties is not intended to be all inclusive or to limit the discretionary authority of supervisors to assign other tasks of similar nature or level of responsibility.

As an organization, all employees with patient contact are expected to demonstrate competencies, specific to their job duties, for the following patient population categories: Elderly, Cardiac, Neuro, Surgical, Impaired (Hearing/Visual), Cultural, Age.

E. Required Physical and Environmental Demands

Requires extensive sitting and dexterity to perform work on a PC. Requires the ability to walk to other areas of the facility to attend meetings; must have normal or corrected vision and the ability to verbally communicate to employees and patients.

Category: Allied Health

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