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Director, Case Management Job

Director, Case Management

Reference Title
HR Use Only:
Hospital: Cleveland Clinic Florida
Job Code: 000854
Pay Grade: 23
Schedule: Full Time
Shift: Days
Hours: 8am-5pm
Job Details: - Registered Nurse (RN)
- 5 years experience preferred


The department director has a multi-faceted role with primary responsibility for assessing, planning, directing, implementing and evaluating all activities in assigned department. The director is responsible for providing counseling and disciplinary action in cooperation with the Human Resources Director. Responsibilities include development and maintenance of an ongoing process and quality improvement program. The director communicates and collaborates with other departmental staff for problem identification and resolution. Through the director, activities are coordinated with other departments. Maintains professional knowledge and skills related to specific area of responsibility. Develops, coordinates, implements and evaluates a program to continuously assess and improve the performance of care and services provided; develops a plan for providing an appropriate number of qualified staff to provide services in the unit/department; determines the qualifications and competency of department personnel; ensures all persons in the department receive the required orientation and appropriate continuing education as needed; develops and implements policies and procedures that guide and support the provisions of department services; ensures decisions and actions are within scope of responsibility and determined in an ethical manner; demonstrates excellent communication skills; demonstrates leadership behavior; operates unit/department within the salary and non-salary expense budgets and within the productivity limits; budgetary performance; avails self with opportunities for professional growth and development; coordinates and integrates interdepartmental and intradepartmental services with hospital functions; follows safety precautions and procedures of all duties in order to ensure a safe environment; responsible for all activities of the Case Management

A. Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Minimum: Current Florida RN License.

Masters degree in nursing or health related field, preferred.

B Required Length and Type of Experience

Five years experience in Utilization/Case Management with five years management in experience in Case Management.

C. Required Licensure, Certification or Registry

Current Florida RN License.


1 Plans and develops effective case management program and maintains manual in the department.

2. Gathers data on an ongoing basis for measurement and evaluation of services provided.

3. Discusses results of case management activities with staff at regularly scheduled staff meetings to provide opportunities for staff input, follow-up and feedback.

4. Supports, develops and participates in performance improvement teams to improve processes, activities and services provided.

5. Identifies and communicates resources needed for department performance improvement program.

6. Ensures ongoing self-education of performance improvement processes and principles through educational activities and participation in related activities.

7. Assures compliance with regulatory agency requirements within their area or responsibility.

8. Assess the needs of the population served or the work to be accomplished and develops plans for recruitment and retention in cooperation with Human Resources.

9. Recommends an adequate number of qualified and competent persons to provide service for the unit/department.

10. Ensures unit/department is staffed to provide adequate coverage appropriate to meet service needs.

11. Develops a plan and procedure for providing coverage during periods of unexpected staff shortage, increase in service needs or unexpected problems.

12. Determines qualifications and competence of staff who provide services prior to hire.

13. Establishes and maintains position control.

14. Develops job descriptions that define the qualifications and competence of department personnel to include essential job functions, physical demands and age specific competency.

15. Monitors and verifies competency of staff on an ongoing basis. Develops action plans as required.

16. Monitors and verifies competency of staff on an ongoing basis. Develops action plans as required.

17. Explains work assignments, methods, procedures and policies in such a manner that employees understand what is expected of them.

18. Recruits and selects employees of acceptable quality; interviews and hires.

19. Ensures that employee complaints and grievances are considered and facilitates

20. Coaches, counsels and disciplines employees as needed according to performance
management guidelines.

21. Develops and evaluates a unit/department specific orientation plan for all new employees.

22. Ensures all new employees complete hospital orientation program at the beginning of

23. Provides and documents orientation to the department for all new personnel based on the individual’s needs and related to the individual’s job responsibilities.

24. Provides and documents continuing education.

25. Ensures that all personnel attend required annual educational sessions.

26. Develops, reviews and approves departmental policies and procedures that address
department functions.

27. Ensures staff awareness and understanding and the implementation of approved policies and procedures.

28. Performs annual review/revision of departmental and appropriate hospital wide policies and procedures.

29. Ensures policies and procedures are current and readily available to department staff.

30. Maintains confidentiality

31. Ensures service is delivered in a non-judgmental and non-discriminatory manner that is sensitive to individual diversity.

32. Ensures service is delivered in a manner that preserves/protects autonomy, dignity, privacy and rights of others, including patients.

33. Provides written and verbal communication that is two-way, timely and appropriate.

34. Forms committees or task forces as needed to resolve unit/department issues.

35. Plans and conducts regularly scheduled staff meetings; not less than 10 a year.

36. Documents, circulates and maintains minutes of staff meetings.

37. Provides appropriate and timely information to staff

38. Negotiates effectively with other department directors, supervisors, coordinators and

39. Demonstrates use of Key Principles:
* Maintain or enhance self-esteem
* Listen and respond with empathy
* Ask for help and encourage involvement
* Share thoughts, feelings and rationale
* Provide support without removing responsibility

40. Uses effective problem solving skills.

41. Completes assignments in a timely fashion.

42. Thinks independently and initiates actions consistent with the mission and the vision of the hospital.

43. Complies with all policies & procedures including attendance

44. Annually determines unit/department needs for personnel, supplies and equipment.

45. Ensures supplies are available and charged or expensed appropriately

46. Ensures equipment and the physical unit/department are maintained properly

47. Develops/revises staffing plan annually according to unit/department need

48. Promotes cost effective unit/department operations.

49. Assess, documents and recommend through the hospital mechanism for resource requests, space and resource needs to meet patient care and/or department needs.

50. Participates in the selection of outside services, if needed.

51. Maintains appropriate staffing levels without exceeding budget.

52. Completes bi-weekly payroll & payroll variance reports as required.

53. Formulates annual budget requests and monitors spending of funds.

54. Analyzes monthly budget reports and justifies notable variances.

55. Reconciles expenses, codes for payment and submits for approval before payment is made.

56. Consults with staff, physicians and/or other affected users in the selection of new equipment and procedures.

57. Responsible for assessment and recommendations of off-site sources for needed services not provided by the department/service or the hospital.

58. Participates in at least one management related educational activity relevant to practice area annually.

59. Participates in and supports work of hospital/department committees.

60. Completes identified unit/department specific competencies as required

61. Completes annual safety re-orientation and other mandatories.

62. Attends Department Director meetings.

63. Evaluates own technical/clinical abilities and identifies areas needing improvement.

64. Attends and participates in at least 75% of Department Director meetings.

65. Participates on cross functional teams and other interdepartmental problem solving work
groups, demonstrating regular attendance.

66. Prepares and implements Scope of Care/Service for unit/department.

67. Collaborates with others in providing care and hospital services.

68. Regularly performs job tasks in accordance with hospital and department policies and
procedures including appropriate use of equipment, machines, wearing of physical barriers and safety equipment.

69. Demonstrates complete knowledge of body mechanics by consistent use in the work setting as evidenced by no injuries sustained as a result of improper body mechanics in the evaluation period.

70. Demonstrates a concern for cleanliness of self and work area and practices proper infection control and universal precautions techniques

71. Completes annual safety competency on all staff members

72. Actively participates and encourages employee participation in the identification, reporting and prevention of work-related injuries.

73. Ensures that new employees are assessed of their ability to perform essential job functions during the hiring process.

74. Ensures new employees have demonstrated competency in job-specific body mechanics within 90 days of hire and on an annual basis as part of review process.

75. Staff meeting minutes reflect that Safety Program information is shared with staff.

76. Participates in assignments of the Safety committee and follows through on required

77. Completes documentation of unit/department incidents, uses for PI planning.

78. Supports the work injury management program as evidenced by:
- Ensures that an Employee Incident Report is completed for all job related employee injuries or

illnesses and the original is routed to the Human Resources Department.

- Actively participates in the identification of the “root cause” in employee injuries within 72

hours of occurrence. Completes accident Investigation Form.

- Actively participates in the development of a corrective action plan for each investigation.
- Supports the hospital’s Light Duty Program.

Category: Managerial/Professional/Physician

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