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Hospital: Cleveland Clinic Florida
Department: TELEMETRY
Job Code: 000644
Pay Grade: 08
Schedule: PRN
Shift: Days
Hours: 7a-7p
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The Monitor Tech assures monitors are continually observed, and checks all alarms three (3) times per shift. Rhythm strips will be analyzed and abnormalities reported promptly to RN and Charge Nurse. Reports to oncoming shift will be completed including availability of monitors; coordination with bio-med to ensure all available equipment is functioning, and reporting broken or malfunctioning equipment will be done in a timely manner. Responsible for performing general secretarial, receptionist and clerical duties and maintains a smooth functioning unit.

A. Education, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Minimum: Courses in typing and computer skills preferred.

B. Required Length and Type of Experience

Must have minimum 1 year Monitor Tech experience. Office experience preferred. Organizational skills with the ability to meet deadlines. Must be able to work with as well as trouble-shoot problems related to office equipment/

C. Required Licensure, Certification or Registry

BLS provider card


1. Demonstrates technical competency gathering objective data such as EKG interpretation.

2. Collects rhythm strips of unstable rhythms or disturbances and communicates findings to the charge nurse in a timely manner.

3. Completes annual competency of rhythm interpretation (80% passing) accurately.

4. Assures monitors are continuously observed. When leaving the unit reports off to charge nurse or delegated staff nurse.

5. Attends all mandatory hospital and department in services.

6. Acts as receptionist and answers telephone relays messages, places calls; interact with patients, families, visitors, staff and other departments in professional manner.

7. Department Goal: Attends and participates in monthly department manager's meetings. Is responsible for all information communicated at the meetings.

8. Uses proper body mechanics at all times.

9. Supports management decisions and communicates the philosophy behind decisions to department staff.

10. Answers patients call lights in a timely manner and follows up with appropriate nursing personnel with patient needs.

11. Completes assigned work within an acceptable timeframe without habitually leaving unfinished work for the on-coming shift or orders that needed immediate attention.

12. Keeps immediate work area organized, neat, clean and adequately stocked with office supplies and forms at all times; re-orders supplies as necessary. Notifies Environmental Services of rooms to be cleaned, sprayed, etc.

13. Demonstrates awareness of the hospital's cost containment by ordering supplies at a minimum level and utilizing such supplies appropriately by not overstuffing charts.

14. Follows hospital and departmental safety policies and procedures at all times.

15. Completes Occurrence Report forms, following hospital procedures and timeliness requirements.

16. Assists with peer review for staff evaluation as requested.

17. Records, documents, and communicates ALL rhythm changes immediately.

18. Validates alarms and adjusts limits appropriate to each patient every four (4) hours.

19. Records rhythm strip documentation, mounts strips and documents interpretation in an accurate and timely manner according to unit/hospital policy.

20. Assures patients are monitored continuously and communicates otherwise immediately.

21. Identifies all types of atrial, ventricular, and conduction dysrhythmias with 100% accuracy.

22. Differentiates artifact from abnormal rhythm.

23. Obtains all rhythm strips during emergencies.

24. Cares for equipment and ensures proper functioning of monitoring equipment

25. Ensures accurate stock of supplies related to monitoring.

26. Trouble shoots equipment to assure optimal signal.

27. Identifies and validates reason for temporary non-monitoring of patients.

Category: Nursing Support/Patient Services

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